Username: Zachabo53
AKA: Zach, BlooperDude, Dragontrainer, ZachAttack
Rank: Player
Status: Infrequent

Zachabo53 (aka Zach) is one of the newer players on the server. He visited briefly in the Roundcastle era after meeting 17454538 on the EAMAFAD server, then reappeared later in the Steamothic era


During the first era of the server, Zach mainly spent his time exploring. He went to Ann's house and helped Rainbow Sheepie Sherbet Land. He lived in the cyan sheep and named his mini sheep bubbles. Zach was then banned from electronics for the rest of the Roundcastle era.


In the newest era, Zach did cannonballs off of the spawn ship. He then wandered around into snake territory accidentally and died multiple times via snakes and a cactus king.