Patrick's Slime Skin

Weltinator2 (left) and 17454538 (right)

Username: Weltinator2
AKA: Patrick, Welty, "The Rock", Slimeface
Rank: Trusted
Status: Active (On the Weekends)

Weltinator2 is a player who sometimes comes on the server. He has always been in survival, and often dies violently (or suicidally).


He went around and explored a lot. He had a house in the Mushroom Kingdom where he kept all his loot collected from mining, killing, exploring, and griefing. He died several times in the Nether while attempting to fight 17454538 and bent2012 (who were both in creative). He later went to the End equipped with a pumpkin to avoid angering the Endermen, but died after digging into the void. The Mushroom Kingdom was later deleted, and he lost everything he owned. He then spent his days running around plagued by charged creepers sent by 17454538.


He did not come on this map.


He built a small wooden house and did a lot of mining and monster slaying. He found an empty house with a creeper head (and stole the creeper head). For a while he was blessed by Dust, but then created the cult of Petro, but was later ostracized from it. Finally, he created the cult of Bronicus, god of wolves, cake, and partying, which became a very successful religion (of one person).


He recently returned to the server. He is currently making his house in the desert into Fort Knox, as well as building a bunch of weird redstone stuff in the desert.

He recently got a new steampunk skin and vowed to build an epic steampunk adventure map.


  • He loves wolves and snow golems, and often lives in snowy biomes so he can get them
  • He likes magic and End-related things
  • He prefers mining and fighting monsters to building cool stuff (because he is the worst builder ever)
  • He was recently turned into a slime in a horrible brewing accident
  • He is great at PvP, provided he has a partner to watch his back