Towerlun was a survival map with a Medieval theme and a focus on the Dust religion. It was the third era of the server, and is currently in progress of being attached to Steamothic through use of the Multiverse plugin. It was the second longest era of the Steamothic server, and the second most popular. Common players included 17454538, peanutandlime, bent2012, weltinator2 and sparkierjules.


After a breif "Build-Off" was hosted to select the spawn for Towerlun, 17454538 ended up building spawn himself (he's narcissistic like that) and choosing bent2012's spawn for the Nether and peanutandlime's for the End. 17454538's spawn was a huge tower composed mainly of stone-brick and stone, with various patterns and details. On the base floor was a redstone pattern and 4 ladders leading up to a second floor, which featured an altar to Dust, the dominant god. There were 4 NPC sentries guarding spawn; 2 archers and 2 brawlers. 

The Nether spawn was an ornate, quartz, Roman-esque pagoda built by bent2012. It was chosen for the Nether spawn after getting 2nd place in the build off

The End spawn was a small quartz and redstone block structure created by peanutandlime, chosen for the End because it was small but ornate.

Bent2012 built his house near spawn. It was a large, L-shaped building made of birch planks, oak logs, and stone-brick and stone slab on the roof. Inside it had an intricate chest/hopper/furnace/trapped chest system, and contained altars to Nymar, the main competitor to Dust, and a prison containing 17454538's head and a sign reading "Down with Dust". The house was often subject to spawner-griefing.

Peanutandlime created a huge house of spruce wood. It featured rooms for various Hetalia characters and a giant flag of Denmark. Bent2012 was originally working on the house as well, but accidentally selected too large of a region in WorldEdit and crashed the server, causing vast damage to the nearby landscape. This was later somewhat patched by 17454538.

17454538 later built his own house, a massive stone-brick and stone-slab structure with a very ornate entrance and a decorative emerald block. It had 10 small rooms and a throne for himself. 

17454538 and sparkierjules built Quartzville, a large town composed of floating glass spheres and quartz floors. It had a giant spleef arena, a fast-food restaurant named Quartzfood with a villager attendant made using the shopkeeper plugin, a parking lot, a group of plots for players to rent as housing (although only SideArmDeath bought one), and a roller coaster back down to the ground.

One of the last projects on the server was 17454538's and sparkierjules' Creeper Co, which was halted and rebuilt on Steamothic.

Weltinator2 also had a small wooden house with big windows and altars to Dust, Petro, and Bronicus (he switched a lot).