Steamothic is the current and fourth era of the server. It is a creative, op server (everyone trusted is op) and has a steampunk/gothic theme. 


Because it is so new, Steamothic has very few builds. Spawn was built by 17454538, and consisted of a large airship with three bodies connected by support beams, and a below-deck area with a cargo hold, a bedroom area for the crew, and a dining room. It also features dispenser cannons and a steering wheel.

Bent2012 constructed a detailed pirate ship near spawn, with 3 masts and a large below-deck area.

17454538 and sparkierjules built Creeper Co, a large company specialized in Redstone contraptions. It was a large, round, iron building that featured a creeper face logo on the floor and 4 cubicles, and a secret passage that led to a testing room for prototypes.

There is also a huge arch in the desert made of sand and sandstone. It is unknown if it serves any purpose except decoration.