The Savorac era was the second era of Steamothic, and had a fantasy/adventure theme. It was shortest completed era on the server and the first era to be hosted on the laptop. It was quite unpopular, the only frequent players being 17454538, peanutandlime, SuperLala, and bent2012


Savorac had very few builds, but it did have some. Spawn was created by Nacnudd, the elected op of the time. It was a large, underground, cubic castle built over the stronghold (with a staircase down to it) and turrets leading up to the overworld. There was a button the healed and fed the player using command blocks.

Near spawn was a huge desert named "Savorac Desert", the namesake of the map, which was claimed with factions as a war zone and full of sandstone totems that spawned orcs (zombies), magma-cubes, ghasts, and blazes, as well as lava lakes and various traps. However, it had 10 hidden chests full of amazing treasure, including diamonds, gold, emeralds, redstone, and iron blocks. Facing Savorac was a large, hollow mountain-like structure that housed a Strong-village, a small, heavily fortified NPC village and blocked from mobs on all sides. Both of these were created by 17454538.

Superlala had a small house, farm and mine directly next to Savorac Desert built in the side of a hill.

Peanutandlime owned a cottage in a taiga biome, featuring an ice garden, a fireplace and chimney, and igloo, and many wolves.