Username: nacnudd
AKA: Duncan, Dunky
Rank: Trusted
Status: Active

Nacnudd (aka Duncan) is a common player on Steamothic. He has played frequently on all eras of the server except for Towerlun, which he did not have the IP of. He was the first elected op of the server.


Nacnudd was one of the first players on the server. He was originally in survival mode on Roundcastle, where he built a small underground house in a hill. He then applied for Elected Op, and for his application, built a large mob arena outside of spawn, which featured huge flaming netherack pillars, sandstone wall designs, a glass top for spectating, and chests for storing load-outs. He then built the mall, a huge square structure with signs to buy and sell every item in the game, and various shops and structures built in the middle green, where he built an x-ray machine and a zoo for Minecraft mobs that was never completed.

After building an large house beneath his mob arena of obsidian and sandstone, featuring item frames with every sort of weapon in the game, extensive storage, and a large mine, he went back into survival mode.


During the Savorac era of the server, Nacnudd was elected by 17454538 to build spawn so that he could focus on designing the Savaroc Desert and Strong-village. Nacnudd built a large, underground, cubic castle of stone-brick  in a taiga biome that had a staircase which led down into the Stronghold. There were four turrets leading up to the surface via a winding staircase. His Savaroc name was "Omen", spelled in red and black, and he came on the server only for brief periods after this, as he did not like the Savaroc era. 


In the Steamothic era of the server, Nacnudd played mainly in survival mode. He spends most of his time leveling up his MCMMO skills by fighting giants and other mobs.