Username: bent2012

Ben, Trunk, Guido the sheep of death, The Doctor

Rank: Player
Status: Active

Bent2012 is one of the most active players on Steamothic. He joined the server near the end of the Roundcastle era and has been active on all three eras since. He was the second elected op of the server (preceded by nacnudd, succeeded by Superlala).


Ben joined toward the end of Roundcastle after an invite from 17454538. He was briefly given creative mode to build his house, then returned to survival. His house was a large glass cube with lava filled inside the walls. After spending several weeks in survival, he was awarded elected op for being a very active player, and generally helpful to other players. While op, he built many structures including a small endstone temple and Asgard, a meeting place for the circle of ops built on the clouds. His term as elected op ended just before the end of the Roundcastle map.


On the Savorac map, bent2012 built a large yet fatally unappealing dirt shack quite far from spawn that he claimed to the "Time-Lord" faction, as well as a small wooden house he rented out to allieandfluff. He owned many wolves and was often seen wearing green leather armor and using a bow. He would occasionally venture into the Savorac desert, but this usually ended with a hilarious chase scene and an explosive death. He was infamous for repeatedly asking the ops for items in this era.


Bent2012 built a large birch-wood and stone-brick house near spawn, which featured an intricate chest/furnace/hopper system and altars to his God; Nymar. There was often competition between Nymar and Dust, 17454538's god. 


Bent2012 constructed a large pirate ship in the ocean near spawn, and assisted in the construction of the Airship at spawn. 


I am a brilliant, egotistical, scatterbrained person. Therefore I will act as if I am 4, but really I am the most mature person on the server (Blake has a tendency to kill people when he gets upset). When I am focused, I can do great things, but otherwise I am doing 3 things at once.  Disclaimers aside, I spend my time aimlessly wandering around waiting for Blake to come on or something, and when I find the time I will make a glorious house.  As a note, I am the only non-op on the server, so expect many death messages.

-- bent2012